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Are you planning a road trip moving to a new home, or have a trailer you want to tow with your car? If so, it’s time for a towbar installation – now made easier and swifter by Muffler Mart and Tyre! We are the trusted supplier for all kinds of tow bar fitting and installation in Penrith and Western Sydney. Our technicians will figure out the safest way to install these accessories on your vehicle.

Before installing towbars, it is necessary to figure out the most suitable type to meet your requirements. To do so, you must consider questions such as what you want to use the towbar for, how much weight you wish to haul, the make and model of your vehicle, and how much weight it is capable of towing.

Tow Bar Installation Penrith

Based on your answers, you’ll either need to install a Flange Ball Towbar or Swan Neck Towbar – the two types available in the market right now. After that, you can decide which electric kit suits your make and model best: 7-Pin, 7-Pin Twin, or 13-Pin. It’s crucial to make the right choice so you, your family, and your prized possessions can be safe on the roads.

You can perform these installations as a DIY project or have our professionals take a look. While certain towbars can be easily installed by the owner, other models require much more complex installations. This varies depending on the type of vehicle you own and the tow bar fitting style. For the best results, we also recommend a professional installation as it is much quicker and safer.

What is Included in Towbar Installation?

Once you’ve picked out the towbar for your vehicle, installing it yourself can be complex and time-consuming. On the other hand, calling the experts at Muffler Mart and Tyre will get the job done in almost no time! Not only do we help you customise aluminium tradesman racks to your exact specifications, but we also offer affordable towbar installation costs with no hidden charges.

Our towbar installation process includes the following steps:

  • Understanding your requirements and providing a quote (for free)
  • Choosing a compatible towbar and coupling for your vehicle
  • Attaching the towbar and other accessories by:
    • Removing the bumper
    • Cutting and modifying bumpers, as necessary
    • Bolting the crossbar in place securely
    • Drilling and installing the right towbar
  • Providing post-installation services for any issues that may arise

What Are the Australian Standards for Towbars?

Getting a towbar installation in Penrith and Western Sydney requires 100% compliance with the Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rules (ADRs) 62/01-02) of 2007. The laws governing towbars state that:

  • Both the vehicle and attached trailer must adhere to all the relevant licensing requirements
  • The towbar and any couplings must not obstruct the vehicle’s licence plate or rear lights
  • Towbarsmust not tow more than one trailer at a time
  • When using a 50 mm tow ball, it must be fixed between 350 to 460mm from the ground
  • The towing vehicle must not exceed the speed limit in Western Australia or 100km/h, whichever is lower
  • The vehicle or trailer must not be loaded more than their individual capacities
  • All towbars and couplings must display the maximum load capacity as well as the make and model of the vehicle

What’s Better — Fixed or Detachable Towbars?

Fixed towbars, as the name implies, are permanent attachments that turn your car into a towing vehicle whenever you need them. Demanding little to no maintenance, they have a simple design and are therefore a cheaper option than detachable ones. They are ideal for frequent and commercial towing.

On the other hand, detachable towbars come with removable necks that are safe, sturdy, and of course, easy to detach from your vehicle once the job is done. A clever version of fixed towbars, detachable bars are available in three types: vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. As they offer varying degrees of invisibility, the detachable towbar is a great choice for carrying bicycles, towing things once in a while, or simply avoiding triggering reverse parking sensors when not towing.

How Safe Is Our Towbar Installation?

The provisions in the Vehicle Standard regulation cover the design, engineering, and testing of towbarsin Australia. These are standards every towing vehicle must strictly abide by. At Muffler Mart and Tyre, our services meet all the safety standards and required the integrity of all towbars and accessories. You may be pleased to know that we even surpass the ADR’s requirements to ensure only towbar installations of the highest standards are done for our customers.

Having been in the industry for almost 30 years now, we have tremendous experience in providing quality services consistently. With a speedy installation process and prompt after-sales services, you can rely on us to get your vehicle tow-ready for Australian roads. Moreover, our tow bar prices are very reasonable and will fit almost any budget.

Why Choose Muffler Mart and Tyre for Towbar Fitting?

We are the leading automobile specialists in Penrith and Western Sydney who deal with all types of vehicle makes and models including vintage ones as well. Our experts will customise your car according to your specific wishes to guarantee 100% satisfaction. We have a huge selection of premium, high-quality towbars and accessories from trusted manufacturers, so you can find a towbar that fits both your needs and your budget.

Whether you want a towbar installation from scratch or advice on how to DIY it, Muffler Mart and Tyre is just a phone call away. You can call us on (02) 4731 6311 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP!

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