What is Pink slips e-safety Inspection

Pink Slip is the statutory requirement for vehicles five years or older during the registration renewal in Penrith. The pink slip ensures vehicles presented for the inspection meet the safety requirements stated by the Roads and Maritime Services (R.M.S). The inspection results are relayed to the R.M.S electronically. The Pink slip registration costs between $37-40.

Vehicles that pass the pink slip inspection can re register and they also require a valid Compulsory Third Party insurance policy

Vehicles that do not pass the pink slip inspection cannot proceed with the registration process. They have to make the necessary repairs and present the vehicle for inspection within 14 days from the inspection. If you take the car for inspection after 14 days, then the car must undergo a full inspection.

Why Muffler Mart  and Tyre for Pink slip Inspection Penrith

Muffler Mart and Tyre is the authorized local Rego Inspection Station in  Penrith and is therefore one of the key providers of the RTA pink slip in Sydney. If your vehicle fails the pink slip inspection, then don’t worry, we will make the necessary repairs in our fully automated workshop using the cutting edge and the latest tools. We make sure to complete the repairs within 14 days and also make sure that your vehicle meets all the necessary requirements and passes the pink slip inspection.