Car Mechanic & Servicing Penrith

When ignition becomes an unsuccessful effort and you start hearing some squeaky sounds- it’s time that your car is demanding some attention too! Wherein in this cumbered and absolutely busy life people forget owing a vehicle is not where the job ends- maintaining its repairing schedule is the crucial part of your owned vehicle which should also be taken care of. Thus to make your job easy we the skilled mechanics of Muffler Mart & Tyre make our presence visible by the venture named Car Mechanic Penrith and Car servicing Penrith in the metropolitan area of Sydney, where we provide best quality car mechanic and car servicing repairs for all makes and models of cars by utilizing high-end equipment and contemporary methods so that timely and efficient mode of service can be delivered. Muffler Mart is an automotive workshop offering a complete and cost-effective range of mechanical and auto electrical services and repairs among which few of them are as follows:

  • Computer diagnostic service
  • Major and minor service
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Engine tuning
  • Engine reconditioning
  • Brakes- disc and drum machining
  • Brake repairs, brake service
The engine being the heart of every vehicle needs utmost care and attention as if not taken proper charge of it may lead to massive drains and hamper your automotive level of sustainability and efficiency. One of the most exclusive services which we offer pertaining to your conveyance is Exhaust system – as we utilize branded materials and efficient catalyst converters so that your car may be saved from the snares of catalyst poisoning, fuel deficiency, and loud disturbing sounds. Whereas we take ownership of all sorts of repairs and services whether it be an air conditioning unit of your car not working or the power steering not moving smoothly. Our highly trained mechanics before commencing the repair or servicing job scrutinizes the defect- and prepares a chronological chart upon how the work should be carried out and what charges would it incur.
Therefore to keep your owned vehicle running efficiently and evenly never miss on the maintenance schedules and for rest of the flaws coming across the force of Car Mechanic Penrith, and Car servicing Penrith are all here to assist you at -02-4731-6311