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Get your fake car tyres replaced at the excellent Tyre Shop in Penrith today!

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From branded accessories to electronic gadgets and currency notes, you would find a fake counterpart for many things in the present time. But, when the manufacturers and suppliers of counterfeit products start dealing in items which have an impact on people’s safety, such as vehicle components, it becomes a matter of concern.

Operating the recognized Tyre Shop in Penrith, we have accumulated knowledge in the subject of fake tyres, which we are sharing with you today.

According to the various reports published by different tyre companies and independent agencies, use of counterfeit tyres has led to disastrous consequences in the past. And the number of such tyres running on the road is increasing significantly, which if not controlled, can lead to even severe consequences in the future.

To save yourself from the harmful effects of this catastrophe, you should learn to differentiate between the original and fake tyres.

Whenever you visit us or any other Tyre Shop in Penrith for purchasing new tyres, do the following checks:

1. Brand Name, Logo, & Language: Duplicate tyres look more or less like the original ones, except some which have noticeable scratches, and so you need to check the tyres thoroughly.

  • The brand name used by fake tyre companies always resembles the brand name of genuine tyres, except for a minor change in the spelling. For example, “ABCDEF” might become “ABCDFE” OR “ABDCEF”.
  • Therefore, first visit the website of the company, the tyres of which you plan to buy and read the name and spelling properly.
  • Also, look at the logo design and pattern of writing.
  • Now, compare the details mentioned on the tyres and their packaging material with this information, to see if there are any inconsistencies.
  • You can also compare the image available on the website with the physical tyre.
  • If Tyre Company is based in Germany, you may find details on the tyre, written in the German language.

2. Tyre Tread Depth: Fake tyres are bound to fail when it comes to this important specification of tyres.

  • While new tyres have a tread depth of 8-9 mm, you can check the same for the particular brand you are going for, through their website.
  • Now, measure the tread depth of the tyre you are buying, and see if it matches the depth you saw online. If it’s a fake tyre, depth would generally be less than the specified.
  • At our tyre shop in Penrith, we measure the tread depth in front of you, by using modern tools, to give you a complete peace of mind.

3. Select the dealer carefully: One of the easiest methods to buy original tyres is to choose the trustworthy dealer or tyre shop for the purpose. We stock only original and branded tyres and supply them at the very competitive prices.

To purchase the tyres of high quality and get them fitted to your vehicle or for any tyre repair work, ring us at (02) 4731 6311 or visit our workshop in Penrith. We can also supply tyres to the place convenient to you without extra charges.

What difference can Custom Exhaust System in Sydney make to your car?

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‘It’s great, but I just wish the speed was more’, ‘Ahh! I wish I could get a better-looking tailpipe’ – These are just some of the thoughts that car owners around the world have.

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However, due to lack of technical knowledge, they can’t find a solution. Well, it’s difficult to discuss every scenario in this one post, and therefore we chose Car Exhaust System for today!

The issues you read in the beginning are related to the Exhaust System of the vehicles – Now, you may ask ‘How?’ – Let’s learn it in brief. To deliver cost-effective & quick solutions, Automobile companies design the exhaust system and its components in a way that back pressure is created on the exhaust, which affects the car efficiency & speed. At our Car Mechanic Centre in Penrith, we meet several customers daily who require some or other kind of service for Exhaust in Sydney.


How is Custom Exhaust System helpful?


Do you add sugar cubes in your tea or coffee as per someone else’s preference? ‘No’, because, then you might not even want to taste your favourite beverage. Similarly, an exhaust system made according to your individual requirements can make your driving experience fantastic!

Let’s see how –

  • Better Performance – As the manifold is changed, the gases get released swiftly from the car, which leaves more space for air, thereby increasing the car performance and subsequently engine efficiency.
  • Improved Mileage – As the process of emission becomes smooth, the back pressure in the exhaust system lowers down. As a result, mileage of your precious car increases.
  • Increased Speed – The system of gases releasing from the car into the environment becomes efficient, and the combustion chamber remains clean. So, you can enjoy the high speed! (Vroom! Vroom!)
  • Growling sound – With an aftermarket exhaust system, you can hear a deep sound every time you accelerate the car.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Exhaust system parts like a muffler and tailpipe affect the appearance of your car, and so, with a custom built exhaust in Sydney, you can make your vehicle look great from every side!

Should you go for it?

While it’s a general belief that switching to the aftermarket exhaust system is only required for the cars, which need to be upgraded and driven as performance or racing cars, any car owner can opt for this option as it yields numerous benefits.
But, the notable point here is that the exhaust system should be custom made by considering due factors pertaining to your car, such as, make & model, features, design, looks, etc. And therefore you need to choose the reliable workshop for the task.
Being in the field for years, we have built affordable customized exhaust systems in Sydney for various types of cars and fitted them perfectly.
If you are curious to know what kind of exhaust can be designed for your car, drop by our service centre located at 7/33 York Rd, Jamisontown NSW 2750 or ring us on (02) 4731 6311.