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The Importance of Car Servicing

By April 27, 2018 Car Servicing

Owning a vehicle and maintaining a vehicle are two different things. Car satisfies your mobility need but if you cannot maintain your car regularly it will put you in trouble on the road.

Someone has rightly said that keeping and maintaining a vehicle is similar to keeping your wife happy every day. It needs constant attention. Similar to human body check-up, regular car servicing in Penrith for your car is essential for preventing a major crisis. If you regularly check up your body’s vital parameter, you will realize which body part needs more attention and care or remedial action before it deteriorates into a major health crisis. Similarly, if you regularly service your car, you also realize which part of your car needs more and potential technical and mechanical problems in your car. And you take remedial action before they put your journey in jeopardy.

Regular car services can detect problems in an early stage and save you from an accident, fatality or car damages. Car service brings down your operational and maintenance cost and enhances the efficiency of your vehicle. Many times vehicle owners are just lazy or complacent regarding regular car services. These small mistakes can be very costly and can be life-threatening to you and your family and friends.

To avail peak performance of your car, you need to visit car servicing centers in Penrith.
Few Car services that need to be done regularly

  1. Engine oil change
  2. Spark plug replacement
  3. Air filter cleaning
  4. Oil filter replacement
  5. Wheel alignment
  6. Brakes and clutch checks
  7. Logbook servicing
  8. Wheel balancing

Another important checkup for your car is the car air conditioning system. It is important to have a periodic check-up for any leaks from the water pump, radiator, gasket or the cylinder. A complete car service will help you check these problems and fix it.

We at Muffler Mart and Tyre can help increase the performance of your car. You will just have to visit our car service center today. We own dedicated facility, latest tools, and have qualified mechanics to increase your car performance in Penrith. Call us today at (02) 4731 6311 or email us at

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